Why Veritas Interiors Incorporated? What makes us different

In intendio veritas ... In design there is truth

What makes Veritas Interiors different than other Commercial Interior Design Firms?


We run our projects as the business proposition they are.† We will work with the entire team- that means we respond to make the project happen in a timely and profession way.† Decisions are made without drama.

There is always a budget and choices to be made- budgets of both time and cost.† Every project has a budget- some more challenging than others.† Our staff has a twenty year track record in keeping our projects on time and on budget.† We can work backward from a defined budget to produce all parts of an interiors project, or we can develop a new budget from scratch- it all depends on what the project requires.

We respect that it is the clientís building, money, and company.† Our money, our choices- your money, your choices.

We know how to work with a team.† We do not want to be Architects, Engineers, or Contractors, but we know how to work with each discipline to maximize early coordination and minimize changes in the field.

After we get the project, we are not going to hand it off to a junior member and disappear.† When you hire us, you get the best all the way through the project (with backup, of course).

Unlike many in our field, we have no preconceived notion of what a project should be. Our experience from many different project types combines to provide a unique solution for each project.†

We know that what we specify has an impact on the way a business is perceived not only by the public, but also by the people who work there. Branding is more than a logo- it the way a company presents itself to the world that incorporates its logo, space, and fashion, and we are cognitive of that presentation.†

We are not "Design Merchants".† Like Architects and Engineers, we sell only our services so we can provide an unbiased opinion of what we specify.† Ever heard of an Architect telling a client about the great deal they got on windows or doors that would be perfect for a project.† We havenít either.

We care about the outcome of a project.† That sounds pretty simplistic, but we take great pride in having a project come out great for all involved.†